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Application Penetration Testing

RM Information Security specialise in application penetration testing. From the early stages of development through to production and maintenance, our manual penetration testing and risk-based consultancy will identify vulnerabilities and provide you with business focused advice to help you manage risk appropriately.

This is key to mitigating loss of data, abuse of services, fraud and reputational damage.

Taking a proactive approach is vital. From architecture and design through to development and ongoing maintenance, a risk-based security programme covering all aspects of the development lifecycle is key.

Application Penetration Testing

Our services include:

  • Manual application penetration testing
  • Perimeter application assessment
  • Application security architecture/design review
  • Product assessment
  • Secure code workshops
  • Secure development assessment

Manual Application Penetration Testing

Our team of senior and experienced testers carry out all application testing manually. We cover the OWASP Top 10 as an absolute minimum and go far beyond this. We pride ourselves on finding issues that cause real-world business impact in addition to technical bugs.

Other Penetration Testing Services

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