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Red Team Testing

Red Team Testing is the next step for organisations, that have a mature assurance programme. In our increasingly interconnected world, people-centric organisations face a range of security risks to those assets and activities which are critical to business success.

Understanding how physical, personnel, and technical attack vectors could be blended, will help clients assure their current security profile, refine enterprise risk management, refocus resources, reassure customers, and protect their people, assets, and reputation.

RM Information Security specialises in simulating attacks that are relevant to the real-world risks your business faces.  

Red Team Testing

Our security testing services include:

  • Red team testing
  • Open-source research
  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Social engineering
  • USB drops or postal delivery
  • Phishing
  • Business email compromise

Standardised Red Team Testing

We use MITRE ATT&CK as a knowledge base to deliver a consistent and thorough penetration test.

Other Penetration Testing Services

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