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Website Security Health Check

Our unique website security health check service has been developed specifically for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to help identify and fix vulnerabilities in your website:

Website Security Health Check
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities in your website
  • Prevent business impact and reputational damage
  • Backed by the world’s largest continually updated library of vulnerability and configuration checks
  • Reliable reporting and mitigation advice
  • Simple to set up and no interruption to service

Fixed price per website

Why is a hacker interested in my website?

Most attacks don’t target businesses directly, automated scripts (used by “Script Kiddies”) look for known security vulnerabilities regardless of industry, size or status. Often smaller businesses are a soft target for the attacker whose motivation is to use your website to host malicious activities.

How are websites compromised?

Attackers know about vulnerabilities in common platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, etc. These can range from running exploits to simple password guessing attacks. Rather than attacking specific sites, they set their net wide and scan the Internet for targets matching the vulnerabilities they have exploits for.

Isn’t everything secure by default?

Things are getting better, but have you made any configuration changes that could introduce risk, or is everything fully patched?

What is the impact to me?

Even if you don’t take payments or hold sensitive data, a compromise will have a financial impact in recovery time, but potentially have a reputational impact. Reacting to a breach can be stressful and finding people to help at short notice is very expensive.

How do you test website security?

At RM Information Security, we have years of experience carrying out manual security assessments of all types of websites and technologies. This is commonly referred to as Penetration Testing. We are usually engaged by large enterprises where we use a mixture of tools, custom scripts, manual techniques and our 20+ years of IT experience to test for weaknesses and then provide recommendations on how to improve security.

Is it expensive?

No! Penetration testing is expensive, however building on our corporate experience we have designed a service called “Website Health Check” focussed on smaller businesses at an accessible price.

How does it work?

After placing your order, provide us with your URL and complete an “authorisation to test” form. The testing is automated and usually takes around a day. Once completed our consultants will collate, review and securely send you the report.

Improve your security

The true value of the health check is realised when you implement the recommendations. Our reports include detailed descriptions of any findings and we are always available to support you via our dedicated help desk.

Affordable fixed price per website

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